In a recent report by Emily Tan (@kahani) in PRWeek, Ogilvy PR’s global chairman, Chris Graves (@CGraves) explained why quality, not quantity, is key to content marketing success.

“The rise of the brand newsroom”, Tan detailed, “has resulted in a barrage of content both good and bad. But mostly bad” according to Graves.

Content marketing’s goal should be:  Earning influence

“…Very few people in this world are capable of producing great content” – and quality content ought to be focused on providing clients with information that’s useful for them, according to Graves.  “Instead of popularity, shares or volume, the goal brand content generators should be striving for is ‘earned influence’, he told Tan.

Creating earned influence, which permits companies to develop a readership among key audiences, requires, as Graves explains:

  • Determining first the audience you are seeking to appeal to
  • Don’t just publish, but also listen to – and develop a dialogue with – your key audiences
  • While expertise is important, so is “cultural cognition, a shared view of the world”
  • Seek to develop one-to-one relationships with your readers
  • Believe in your message

These core principles, as Graves explains, define how to earn an audience through a focus on producing more meaningful — but less plentiful — quality content.

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