John Grimley provides custom communications services to businesses and organizations operating in international markets, including: Writing & Editing, Market Research, Social Media and Media Relations Support.

Writing & Editing

Strategic development and use of sophisticated written materials for use on and off digital platforms can make a significant positive difference in the success of any business or organization.  Based on more than 25 years international professional experience, John Grimley provides sophisticated writing and editing services for discerning audiences including the production of white papers, topical articles, press releases and media relations materials, requests for proposals (RFP’s), custom proposals, books, e-books, marketing material, directory submissions, social media content, website content, research-driven semi-scholarly studies and quasi-legal articles and analysis.

Market Research

Fundamental to business development initiatives, the production of written works, or vital organizational strategic decision is reliable market research information.  Based on more than 25 years international professional experience, John Grimley helps clients generate research in support of a range of content, business development and organizational strategic initiatives.

Social Media 

Effective use of social media can play a significant role in the ability for a company or professional services firm to build brand awareness, attract new clients and communicate with key audiences.  Based on extensive international professional experience, John Grimley helps clients develop and maintain strategic social media initiatives including the production of a range of content options, the selection of relevant social media channels and the management of content distribution across those channels, the integration of these efforts with customer relationship management systems and sales or business development initiatives, and the use of analytics to inform ongoing efforts and help measure return on investment.

Media Relations 

Effective interface with traditional print and broadcast media as well as new digital media including sector influencers is an essential component of a holistic communications strategy.  John Grimley uniquely assists each client based on 25 years of international experience gained while working on a wide range of media relations initiatives for government officials in the EU and US, non-governmental organizations, multinational companies and professional services firms.


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